Rebecca Deurlein, EdD

Professional Development for Educators

  • How to relate to teenagers
  • How to communicate effectively with parents
  • How to turn parents into allies
  • How to understand the teenage mind
  • How to elevate instruction and raise rigor
  • How to teach so kids want to learn
  • How to "win over" students from Day 1
  • How to increase test scores and ensure success for all students
  • How to communicate your expectations clearly and earn the respect of administrators, parents, and students

Rebecca Deurlein, EdD

Dr. Deurlein has extensive experience in public speaking. She has addressed small groups of parents and educators, entire faculties, and arenas of 5,000 audience members. Her presentations are enthusiastic, engaging, and down-to-earth. She entertains and enlightens with a mixture of personal anecdotes, humor, researched data, and years of experience working with teenagers.

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Dr. D. talks to parents about how they can help their kids find success despite all the changes in education.

Parenting seminars

  • How to motivate your kids
  • How to encourage perseverance
  • When to get involved or step back
  • Getting teens to accept responsibility
  • Making the most of parent-teacher conferences
  • Helping with homework... or not
  • Deciding on advanced classes
  • Knowing if your kid is college-bound
  • Developing realistic self-esteem
  • Helping your kids look and sound their way to success
  • Getting kids organized
  • Preparing teens for adulthood